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Pro Shop Drilling Equipment

From our top of the line Tri-Oval to our most economical Mini-Mill, Jayhawk ball drilling equipment is built to last. All of our jigs have been recently redesigned to make them more durable, easier to use, and more attractive to have in your shop. Each has been designed by our staff of experience pro shop owners and operators to give your customers a consistent feel and keep them coming back to you. All of our drill presses and milling machines come to you calibrated and ready to use after only a few minutes of set up. Whether you want to drill balls in your garage or you're looking to trade in and upgrade the equipment in your shop, Jayhawk has the right machine for you.


Tri Oval

Tri-Oval Mill Drill System

Our top of the lineTri-Oval System gives you the ability to drill all gripping holes without removing the ball from the jig. Mounted on a milling machine, the Tri-Oval is perfect for drilling taper-free oval thumb and finger holes that cannot be drilled on a regular drill press. The Tri-Oval comes complete with a floor stand, digital pitch scales, 40 bits, a plug cutting blade, and dial calipers.


Proprietary ultra-wide seal and heavy duty pump that locks the ball in place for worry free operation make this the best vacuum jig on the market. The pump also has a blow air funtion to "float" the ball for easy hole to hole movements. Also included is the first of its kind "touch screen" control panel for easy control.


Oval Maker II

Oval Maker II

The newly designed Oval Maker II gives you the ability to drill taper-free oval holes at a more affordable cost. The Oval Maker II comes ready to use with a floor stand. Options include bits, digital pitch scales, and a plug cutting blade.



Offers the Precision and accuracy of a milling machine combined with the economical features of a non-pivoting Jig.

The machine includes Bits, digitals, stand, bit holder, and chuck.


Offers the Precision and accuracy of a milling machine combined with the economical features of a non-pivoting Jig.

Upgrade options include Bits, digitals and bit holder.

Mini-Mill Jig and Drill Press

Our most affordable jig, the Mini-Mill is easy to use, and is built to give you years of consistent ball drilling at a low cost



For ordering information or if you have any questions, please check out our Contact page. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.







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