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Jayhawk Tri-Oval Mill Drilling Machine

Order # 15-5030-40: Tri-Oval System 110 volt, 60 cycle
Order # 15-5030-41: Tri-Oval System 220 volt, 60 cycle
Order # 15-5030-42: Tri-Oval System 220 volt, 50 cycle

Tri Oval

The Tri-Oval System is a top of the line system that will provide your shop with the most in high tech equipment.  The user friendly design will actually help you provide the best and most efficient service for your customers. It allows the operator to square the ball in the jig the same way each time it is used. This provides for pin point accuracy with every ball that is drilled. A safety ring is used to hold the ball in the jig insuring not only that the ball cannot move during the drilling process, but also that the ball cannot come out of the jig causing injury to the operator or damaging the ball. There is no need to worry about sealing the ball in the jig as this ring provides contact on both the top and the bottom of the ball. As an equipment manufacturer, we feel a strong obligation to provide our customers with quality equipment that does not compromise their safety at any time. The Tri-Oval System is designed with minimal moving parts to provide many years of trouble-free service.


  • Allows operator to accurately drill all gripping holes before removing ball from the jig.
  • Operator has complete control of pitches with easy to read digital pitch gauges
  • Clamp ring keeps ball secure and insures operator safety under all conditions
  • Anodized parts not only provide many years of trouble-free service but give your shop the professional look your customers are looking for.
  • Minimal set up as the machine is fully assembled and calibrated in our factory allowing you to spend more time with your customers.
  • Drills taper free ovals every time
  • Complete with mill drill, stand, jig, keyless chuck, drill bits, holder, plug-trimming blade, digital display and instruction manual.
  • Complete 1 year warranty

*The model of digital display in this video has been discontinued. The new model doesn't have the ovaling program.

Common Questions about the Tri-Oval Mill Drilling System:

  • How the pitches are set??
    Pitches are set by moving the milling tables to the desired pitch. This moves the center of the ball the same amount, from the point of the bit. On any other type of machine you must set the pitch and then move the ball before you clamp it to align the ball to the drill bit. With the Tri-Oval you lock the ball in the jig, set your pitches and then the jig will pivot left to right and front to back to align the bit to your drill lines. Moving the jig like this will not affect the pitches you have set below on the tables, as the jig will move on the balls axis. No matter where you move the jig you will still get the pitch you have set on the tables below. This makes the operator as accurate as possible from ball to ball.
  • Do I need special bits for drilling oval holes??
    NO!! Those special end mill bits are very expensive. Jayhawk manufactures our own drill bits specifically for drilling bowling balls. Used the proper way, they will provide the same accuracy in cutting oval holes.  Like any cutting tool, it is very important that the bits be kept sharp at all times. The speed that is used is also very important. Jayhawk recommends a cutting speed of 450 to 500 RPMs. Remember that the faster the bit is turning, the more friction and heat is created, reducing the life of the bit.
  • I like the design of the Tri-Oval, but I want to put it on a drill press instead of a milling machine, can I do this??
    The Tri-Oval System has been designed specifically for use with a milling machine. If you still want to use a drill press, we would suggest using our Professional Model Jig. It will also allow the operator to drill all three holes before removing the ball from the jig.
  • What is the best way to drill on the Tri-Oval System?
    We recommend that you drill the fingers first. Simply mark the center of grip and where you want the fingers to be, then drill the finger holes. If you are using grips, place them in the holes and take a span rule and arch a line from the middle finger, then the ring finger. Where the lines cross is where your thumb will be drilled. There are some very big advantages to drilling this way. First, you do not need to maintain 2 sets of measurements, one full grip and one cut to cut. Additionally, if you are using a thumb slug, you can start the thumb hole with the proper size, then stop and insert a 1 1/4” bit and drill the hole, then remove the bit and clean the hole. Put some glue half way down the hole and then stack a second slug on top of the one you want in the ball and pull the spindle handle like you a drilling a hole until your slug is in place. Then place the desired bit for the thumb hole and drill the thumb. When this is complete, set the pitches to zero and loosen the clamp ring and place the slug straight up in the jig and tighten the ring. Now with your plug trimming blade, carefully trim the slug to the surface of the ball. You have just drilled all the gripping holes of the ball and never removed it from the jig!!
  • How often do the drill bits need to be sharpened?
    This depends entirely on how much the bits are used. As a rule, you can feel the bit not cutting smoothly or feel the bit getting warm. When a bit is sharp, you can hear it making a crisp cut. The bits that you use most should be sharpened at least once a year.

Interested in financing options? Check out our lease-to-own program.

For ordering information or if you have any questions, please check out our Contact page. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.







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