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History of Jayhawk Bowling

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History of Jayhawk

Jayhawk Bowling Supply was founded in 1960 by Chuck Hardman and initially operated out of his family garage on Louisiana Street in Lawrence Kansas. In 1961 he moved to a rented property at 803 Vermont and operated there until 1965 when he moved to 804 Massachusetts. In 1972, Jayhawk built its first office/warehouse at 530 Colorado. During these years, the company's primary focus was on distributing balls, bags, shoes, trophies and expanding the proshop line.

Back in 1963, Jayhawk began production of the world famous Jayhawk Measuring Ball. This measuring ball was the foundation of our Pro Shop equipment line which soon grew to include the Jayhawk Drill Jig, Ball Spinner and High Speed Sander. Soon Jayhawk Bowling Supply became recognized as the leader in ball drilling equipment, a reputation that continues today with products like the Tri-Oval, the Determinator, the Digital Scale, the Detox and one of the most technologically advanced machines in the Bowling Industry, the Jayhawk Surface Scanner.

In 1977, Jayhawk Bowling Supply expanded into the lane resurfacing business. From the very beginning our goal has been to create the best possible lane surface and to preserve the life of our customers wood lanes. All great scores start with a great surface that is flat both cross-wise and length-wise. Over the years, changes in technology moved Jayhawk into the synthetic lane business and to date, we have installed over 2,400 synthetic lanes. Proof of our expertise is the fact that the first World’s First ABC sanctioned 900 series, the world record WIBC series (878), the all-time high Women’s USBC series (879), the all-time high season average on a Sport Shot, and the Highest Scoring PBA event ever; both in terms of total 300’s bowled and high 48 game average for the week were all bowled on lanes maintained and/or installed by the Jayhawk crew.  Not bad for a company that services less than 5% of the lanes in the US.

The Brunswick Corporation selected Jayhawk Bowling Supply as one of the five original Brunswick Parts Distributors in 1982. This selection was the beginning of our transformation from a ball, bag and shoe company to a maintenance specialty company. By the end of 1990, Jayhawk made the change complete by getting out of the consumer business. With products from Brunswick, Vantage, Zot, Chauvet, PPP, DBA, Kegel and many more, Jayhawk strives to be the leading maintenance product and service provider.

In 1996 we moved into our current 17,000 sq. ft. building at 355 North Iowa. Also in 1996, Jayhawk was again selected by the Brunswick Corporation for a new distributor program. This new program awarded Jayhawk the Brunswick Capital Equipment sales and installations in Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, and Iowa. With this new program, Jayhawk has become the Midwest’s leader in bowling center remodeling. From Automatic scoring, lanes, leveling bowlers area, pinsetters, custom masking units, additions, and to center relocations, Jayhawk can help create a modern profit making bowling center. 

2011 was another milestone year with the addition of the Dragon Bowling Ramps for Kids.  We make them right here in Kansas and we have sold them all over the World.  They create additional revenues for Bowling Centers and make Bowling even more memorable and fun for little children.  Available in several exciting colors, the Dragon Ramps have been one our best items ever and one of the most fun and rewarding for our staff to sell.

In 2015 Jayhawk’s Pro Shop division took over the Sales, Service and Production of the Ebonite/PowerHouse brand of Pro Shop Equipment.  These new products in addition to the already strong Jayhawk brand of products further established Jayhawk as the Worldwide Leader in Pro Shop Equipment, Training and Support.

Mission Statement

Through dependable, fair and friendly service, and the highest quality and valued products and services, we will strive to be the supplier of choice for the bowling community. The foundation of our success will be teamwork, dedication to excellence, integrity and striving for continuous improvement.

We invite you to browse our Website to get an idea of what we are about. We also welcome your phone call, E-mail, letter or fax to answer any and all questions you might have.







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