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Jayhawk Maintenance Supplies & Equipment Price List
All Prices are Subject to Change Without Notice

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Complete Jayhawk Price List

AMF Belts
Approach Applicators and Finish
Approach Conditioners and Cleaners
Ball Cleaning Machines and Accessories
Ball Wiper Clothes and Carpet Covers
Ballplug and Accessories
Brushes, Mops and Utility Cloths
Bumper Bowling and Accessories
Carpet Belts
Caution Stickers
Cleaning Concentrates and Supplies
Contact Adhesives
Electronic Triggering
Floor Care Products
Foul Units and Conversions
Dragon Bowling Ramps
House Balls
Lane Applicators and Finish
Lane Cleaning and Conditioning - Accessories
Lane Cleaning and Conditioning - Equipment
Lane Cleaners
Lane Conditioners
Lane Duster Cloth
Lane Duster Tools

Lane Patch Kits
League Standing Index
Machine Cleaners
Masking Units
New Parts for 2011
Oil-Out Remover
Pencils & Pencil Sharpeners
Pin Cleaners
Pin Deck Chute Conditioners
Pin Deck Lighting
Pin Deck Protection
Pin Forks

Pins - Birthday

Pins - Special Event
Pinsetter Parts Plus Parts
Printer Paper
Pro Shop Posters
Rental Shoes
Rental Shoe Laces
Rotary Buffer Pads
Score Sheets
Screening Discs
Shoe Care Products
Sound System Packages
Special Effects Lighting
Specialty Lighting Components
Special Effects Fog
Synthetic Lane Care Products
Telescore Bulbs
Video Tapes - Reverence Materials
Wood Lane Patch and Repair Supplies

Other Services

50+ Years in the Bowling Service Business
Brunswick Pinsetter Parts
Capital Equipment
Freight Program
Lane Machine Financing Program
Vantage Parts
Wood Lane Resurfacing

Check out our contact page if you have any questions or if you would like to place an order. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.






Jayhawk Bowling Supply and Equipment, Inc.
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Lawrence, KS 66044
(785) 842-3237