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Resurfacing & Recoating

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We currently only Resurface and Recoat Bowling Centers in the following states;


We try and get all centers to sign-up before April 1st, which is when we schedule all of the jobs for the coming summer. When we schedule the jobs, we try and schedule all of the jobs in each area together, thus to reduce travel expense. On our website, we also provide information on how we resurface and recoat a bowling lane and we have information about preparing a bowling center for either a complete resurfacing or screen and recoat.

For Pricing, please call Jayhawk at (800) 255-6436 and ask for either John or Roger, or you can email Roger at rogerc@jayhawkbowling.com

Our Payment Terms:

We offer a 5% discount for centers that pay in full before February 15th

Our Standard Terms are:
10% Deposit Due by March 15th
Balance Due in Full on Job Completion
(Any extra repair work done is also due on job completion)

We also accept Visa and MasterCard for Payment

Please check out our Contact page if you have any questions or need any further information







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