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Preparation for Lane Resurfacing

  • If possible, make a list of any concerns that you have about yur lanes and any problems you have noticed throughout the year.

  • Removal of Ball Return Racks:
    A. All above ground ball returns will need to be removed from the approach area.
    B. Both Brunswick Gold Crown and Astroline Hoods and Racks - remove the hoods and remove the screws attaching the rack to the approach so that it can be swiveled from side to side. This will allow for the sanding of the approach under the ball rack.
    C. Both Brunswick 2000 and Frameworx Hoods and Racks will need to be removed. These two types will not swivel from side to side if just loosened from the approach.
    D. AMF Lazy-Susans and SurPiks can be left as is.
    E. Most other brands of hoods and racks that attach to a Brunswick style of ball lift will need to removed completely.

  • Foul Light Covers and Foul Lights:
    A. Brunswick Foul Light Covers should be removed and the foul units can either be removed or we can sand around them.
    B. Most AMF Foul Lights and Covers can be left installed and we can sand around them. It is okay however, to remove them if you choose.

  • Sweep all pins off the pin decks and cycle into the pinsetter or remove from the pinsetter. If you have AMF 8230 pinspotters, it is best to remove the pins completely from the machine. The weight of the pins in the table can cause the table to set a little lower and may interfere with our belt sander when it sands the pin decks.

  • All Masking Units need to be raised up to allow room for our sanders to sand the pin deck area. Should a masking unit not raise up in the front, then it will probably need to be removed.

  • It is a good idea to cover all automatic scoring units with plactic (consoles, cameras, monitors)

  • AMF Capping Mounted Bumpers can interfere with the outside motor pulley on our sanding equipment. Usually all that you need to remove is the outside plastic from the metal rails and make sure the rails close completely.

  • Synthetic Pin Decks, if installed, need to be lowered about 1/8" below the lane surface. Only the front of the pin deck needs to be dropped.

  • Air Conditioning needs to be running if the outside temperature is above 70 to 75 degrees and or if the humidity is high. It is best to sand and level the lanes at the same temperature that they will be when they are being bowled on during the year. Temperature changes can affect the level of the lanes since wood will grow and contract with temperature change. The manufacture of the finish that we use, recommends applying their finish between 65 and 75 degrees.


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