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Screen and Recoating Procedures

Screen and recoating a bowling lane is application of a new clear coat of finish over the existing finish for the protection of the wood bowling lane and also to make for a more playable condition for the bowlers. This is a fairly simple and quick process and it doesn't change the appearance of the bowling lane much.. This procedure involves the removeal of the lane conditioner, then the screening of the lane, which is meant to scratch the finish so the new finish will bond properly.

We start this procedure by doing a thorough cleaning of the lanes to remove all lane conditioner and dirt. We use a vacuum lane stripper to perform this task and we run this machine over every lane at least twice. We then screen each lane using a Progress Oscilatior to avoid having swirl marks show up on the lane when the new finish is applied. Should the approaches need recoating, we perform the same screening on them.

Now it is time to clean the lanes in prepartation of applying the lane and approach finish. We start by cleaning the lanes and approaches with a dust mop, then we damp towel the lanes and approachs twice, and finally we use a tac cloth on the approaches. We then tape white wax paper at the foul line and apply the new top coat. Once the top coat is applied, we then coat the approaches.

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