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Preparation for Screen and Recoating Lanes and Approaches

When recoating lanes only or recoating lanes and approaches, very little preparation is needed. The following is a list that explains what needs and doesn't need to be done..

  • If possible, make a list of any concerns that you have about your lanes and any problems you have noticed throughout the year.

  • Ball Return Hoods and Racks: Hoods and Racks do not need to be removed, we can screen and recoat around them.

  • Foul Light Covers: When recoating approaches, foul light covers should be removed to avoid getting any finish on them, but if you choose to leave them installed, we will do our best to work around them and not get any finish on them. The foul lights units do not need to be removed.

  • Sweep all pins off the pin decks and cycle into the pinsetter.

  • All Masking Units: Masking units need to be raised up.

  • Synthetic Pin Decks: Synthetic pin decks, if installed, do not need to be lowered. They need to be level with the surface of the lane for applying the new coat of finish.

  • Air Conditioning: Air conditioning needs to be running if the outside temperature is above 70 to 75 degrees and/or if the humidity is high. The manufacture of the finish that we use, recommends applying their finish between 65 and 75 degrees. During the winter months, running the heater may be required to maintain this temperature.

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