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Jayhawk Digital Scale by PAI

Jayhawk Bowling Supply introduces the Jayhawk Digital Scale by PAI. The Jayhawk Digital Scale revolutionizes the Pro Shop Industry by offering digital weighing of bowling balls in seconds. Pro Shop operators don’t have to spend hours weighing bowling ball after bowling ball on a balance beam scale any longer. With the Jayhawk Digital Scale you get Side Weight, Finger/Thumb Weight, and Top/Bottom Weight measured within 1/100th of an ounce, while reducing the weighing time to seconds.

Constructed of Aluminum and Stainless Steel for years of solid operation

  • LED readouts show weights within 1/100th of an ounce
  • Alignment device gives the user the ability to accurately line the ball up every time
  • Weighs balls according to ABC/WIBC specifications
  • Available in 110 volt or 220 volt
  • Complete 1 year warranty
  • No maintenance needed