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This portable device tells you what board you hit when bowling. This is going to be great for coaches and pro shops.     



  • Displays the board a bowling ball travels across instantly
  • Great Bowling Coaching Tool. 
  • Light Weight and portable.
  • Fast Calibration
  • Great for coaches that travel from center-to-center.
  • Place at arrows and breakpoint for maximun target practice.

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Frequently asked questions:
My BoardBox keeps on displaying Board 39 or Wrong Distance?
The sensor box needs adjusted to the height of a ball or the BoardBox is not level on the capping.  The sensor needs to be 3/4" to 1" above the equater of a ball. If readjusting the sensor and box does not work, perform an environment reset.  This is similar to calibrating to a ball, but have no ball in front of the BoardBox.  Turn off the device, then turn it back on until the board number display is showing on top.  Then press and hold the Set button for roughly 5 seconds until the display changes.  It will then do an environment reset and you will be able to bowl once this is done.

My BoardBox shuts off after a few minutes and I have to turn it off and back on?
The BoardBox will enter sleep mode after roughly 5 minutes of not seeing a bowling ball.  Roll 5-6 balls and it will come out of sleep mode and start reading board locations again.

My BoardBox is not as accurate past board 20?
The BoardBox is designed to be the most accurate on the first 20 boards.  This is very common for lefties.  Place the sensor on the right side and have the bowler bowl on the right lane so his ball will be rolling closer to the sensor.  Also it is suggested to change the Count From direction to “Left” or “Auto”.

I am trying to use the BoardBox within 15’ of another BoardBox and it is not working?
The BoardBox sensors are too close to each other and causing interference.  They will need to be positioned farther apart to work properly.

I am bowling on lane 1 and the BoardBox is not working properly?
The wall is causing interference with the BoardBox.  Try an Environment reset first.  If this does not fix the issue, place a box or something on the outside of lane 1 up against the lane in front of the BoardBox.

My ball crossed 3rd arrow but it is showing a 16?
Keep in mind the BoardBox is taking a reading in front of where the sensor is placed.  So if it is positioned at 2nd arrow a bowling ball may cross the 16th board in front of the sensor and then roll across 3rd arrow.

It keeps on displaying 1 board left of where I think it is rolling?
If you are unhappy with the readings but they seem to be constant there are a couple options.  Recalibrate to a bowling ball but place the ball on the 4th board.  Another option is to go through the manual Calibration adjustments.

I can’t lower the sensor low enough because my capping is higher than normal?
First try the sensor at the lowest setting on the capping and see if it senses a ball even if it is quite a bit higher than the equator of the ball.  You may have to lower the sensor below the capping into the gutter a bit.  This does increase the chance of a bowling ball hitting the sensor so be cautious as this is not covered under the product warranty.  Another option would be to move the sensor to the right side of the BoardBox and lower it into the gutter some and bowl on the right lane of a pair for a right handed bowler.  This way there is less chance of hitting the sensor but the accuracy of the BoardBox might be less.

For ordering information or if you have any questions, please check out our Contact page. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.







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