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New Products
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The Dragon Bowling Ball Ramps for Kids

The Bowling Dragon Ramps are great for the young bowler, ages 2 thru 5. They are a safe and durable ramp that create a lot of excitement with the young kids.

Many colors to choose from: Green, Pink, Neon Red, and Neon Purple. (click on picture for more info)


SYNC was developed with one goal in mind: to help centers increase sales and profits through addressing their most pressing challenges — driving traffic, increasing average sales and encouraging repeat visits.

Wahsam Wahsam

WAHSAM (Where All High Scores Are Made) are installed under the flat gutter, towards the rear, and will dramatically increase pin action. The WAHSAM is adjusted to put an upward pressure on the flat gutter. This product really works great and is easy to install.

Part Number - 09-613


Brunswick Envoy

Since the introduction of the B90 oiling machine in the 1960s, Brunswick has been a leader and innovator in automatic lane maintenance systems. And we’ve learned a lot along the way. The Envoy, our newest lane machine, is a state-of-the-art system centered around your needs. Today’s center requires an intelligent machine that is so simple to operate that a new employee can run the lanes. Envoy has everything your center needs, and the ability to create any shot your bowlers expect. It is truly a system centered around you.

Part Number - 09-5901


Kegel Flex Lane Machine

FLEX is Kegel's most sophisticated and technologically advanced lane machine. Its modern design makes a bold statement, and the DUO conditioning system under the lid backs it up. This DUO conditioning system combines Sanction Technology with dual conditioner tanks, making it the only lane machine to give you the benefit of easily using more than one lane conditioner in your center.

Part Number -


Brunswick Defy v30 Lane Conditioner

DEFYv30 is a higher viscosity version of the original DEFYconditioner. The specialty blend of top grade oils and unique additives used to create DEFYv30 generate unparalleled performance compared to lane conditioners in the market today. DEFYv30’s enhanced flow-back characteristic reduces the impact of ball tracks through the heads while minimizing the movement of conditioner down the lane to keep the shot more consistent.

Part Number -62-860166-004


Holtzman Ball Balance Scale

Jayhawk tips the scales in your favor with the new Holtzman Ball Balance Scale exclusivly by Jayhawk.  Just balance a ball on the Jig and tare the scale to zero, rotate the ball and read the imbalance on the bright LED display.  No more balancing and adjusting sliding and hanging weights that take up valuable time.




No-Slide Pin Spot assures that pins hit hard enough to move will fall down. With proper installation, the No-Slide Pin Spot greatly reduces out-of-range occurrences. No-Slide Pin Spot will not interfere with normal ball or pin action and won't break down under normal bowling lane maintenance. Easy cleaning preparation and then just peel and apply the clear adhesive backed No-Slide Pin Spot according to the instructions.

Part Number - 05-0306



Check out our contact page if you have any questions or if you would like for us to send you a complete Jayhawk Maintenance and/or Pro Shop Equipment Catalog and price list. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.






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