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Brunswick Synthetic
Lane Re-Conditioning

After years of bowling, your synthetic lanes can develop a track and your lane conditioner may not be holding in this area like it did when your lanes were new.  The surface of your Brunswick synthetic lanes can be reconditioned to make them hold the lane conditioner as they did when they were new.  Reconditioning is a procedure where your lanes are screened, first with a 240 grit screen and then with a 320 grit screen.  Just give us a call to schedule this work or we can tell you how to do it yourself.  This procedure should not be done to AMF synthetic lanes.

We also want to remind you that now is a good time to take a look at all the panel seams on your synthetic lanes to make sure they are still sealed with silicone caulk and still have the proper step downs.  U.S.B.C. allows a maximum 0.025 step down and we like to see a 0.005 to 0.010 step down.  As a reference, the thickness of a dime is 0.050.  We recommend you check the silicone caulk in these seams every 3 months.  This silicone caulk can last for years and most of the time you will find all of your seams to be fine.  This silicone is there to prevent lane cleaners and conditions from getting down under the panels, so it is worth checking, even if you only find a couple of seams needing redone.  Below is an example of panel step down and how the seams should look with filled with silicone.

Lane Reconditioning

Missing plugs is another thing to keep an eye out for.  Sometimes a screw can loosen up a little and this will cause the plug to pop out.  When this happens, first you should check to make sure the screw is tight and then replace the lane plug.  If a screw won’t tighten back up, try putting a drop of wood glue in the hole and a couple of wood toothpicks and then re-install the screw.  These plugs are important because they keep the lane cleaner and conditioner from getting down into these screw holes.

We can also help you with lane pairs that just don’t seem to play the same as other lanes in your center.  In some cases this has a lot to do with the topography of your lanes, which in many cases can be corrected.

Just give us a call if you are needing any silicone, lane screws, lane plugs or need to schedule the professional crew at Jayhawk for a visit. (Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma and Colorado)

Here's a list of some of the items you might need when working on your synthetic lanes;

84-200430-000 Silicone Caulk - Sandstone
11-081203-000 Pin Deck Screws (#14 - 4")
11-081208-000 Lane Screws (#10 - 2")
84-860520-999 Pin Deck Plugs (package of 15)
84-860600-999 Nylon Lane Plugs Glow (package of 500)
84-860601-999 Nylon Lane Plugs Glow (package of 50)
11-812501-500 Silicone Carbide Screens - 240 Grit
11-812502-000 Silicone Carbide Screens - 320 Grit




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