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The Dragon Bowling Ball Ramps

All Colors Glow under Blacklight

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Glow Green Order Number 15-8035

Glow Blue Order Number 15-8030

Glow Red Order Number 15-8025

Glow Purple Order Number 15-8075

The Bowling Dragon Ramp is a sturdy, one piece molded plastic ramp that is great for small kids. The Dragon Ramps adds a lot of excitement for the kids because they can knock down pins without the need for bumpers.

A Few Reasons to Have the Dragon Bowling Ramp in Your Center

  • Increase you center revenues
  • Dragon Ramps are great for kids, ages 2 thru 5.
  • Work great with special needs and handicapped children.
  • Dragon Ramps are great for Bowling Centers that don't have bumpers yet.
  • Dragon Ramps create more fun and excitement with youth bowlers.
  • Young kids want to bowl in the centers who have The Dragon Ramps.
  • Dragon Ramps are fantastic for Birthday Parties and give more value for the dollar.
  • Dragon Ramps create a positive first bowling experience for the young kids.
  • Dragon Ramps are safer and more durable then the metal ramps.

"Jayhawk Bowling Supply is the exclusive manufacture and worldwide distributor of
The Bowling Dragon Ramp"



Made in the USA

Jayhawk's Introductory Special Price for
a pair of Glow Dragon Ramps $795.00 (plus freight)

Check out our contact page if you have any questions or if you would like for us to send you a complete Jayhawk Maintenance and/or Pro Shop Equipment Catalog and price list. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.






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